System Sources

Please keep in mind this carrd is made as a collection of sources for whatever use you may need it for, so its not very pretty <3


A site dedicated to endogenic systems and plurality.

A carrd dedicated to endogenic systems and plurality. It also has various sources in "The Why" section near the bottom!

however i believe this carrd believes that endogenic systems cant have DID/OSDD which is pretty untrue, since some get the Diagnoses, but is otherwise a good source!

This is about controversy, myths and basically a really mass FAQ about plurality of all kinds. Not endogenic specific, but does cover some endogenic questions and similar.

This site is about plurality in general and is geared towards plurals who need to explain their plurality to coworkers, bosses, etc.

A site full of plural resources, articles, explanations and movements about/for plurality.

Another site of mass information on plurality, all kinds, including non disordered plurality

Resources from House of Chimera ; It has both plural and kin resources and is a mass list similar to this

A pretty basic and simple site with resources & a multiplicity FAQ

A pretty basic and simple site with resources & FAQs, as well as a basic glossary.

A personal site from Hordes System that has information on them, their experiences and links + articles to other places.

Basics about plurality and an FAQ


August 18, 2020:: Add the more sources ; added simple/basic abouts of each source

March 2, 2021:: added endogenic systems carrd


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